BIG OOC NOTE: The following positions are available: Stefan Geiger (Nightmare), Millicent Solange (Doll), and Malcolm Frederick (Angel). If you want to play one of these positions, get in touch with me. You will, of course, be able to change the picture, Scorpion moniker, or both, of the character you choose, should you choose one of these. Thanks!

The Folder Shouldn't Exist

The folder bears a stamp:

The folder shouldn't even exist. The government was blown all the way to hell and gone back in 2040, along with most of the rest of civilization. With only scattered cities left, and a mere fraction of a percent of the world's population left, it seemed as if it would stay gone. Few good things ever last though.

The first few years after Armageddon were necessarily violent. Cities in ashes, lives destroyed, and what was left of the way things used to be vying for control. Out of the ashes of a city called Bellona, where New York used to be when a state still meant something, the Scorpions rose to power.

In the beginning a gang of unruly misfits in a world where money went out with the H-bomb, along with morals and the death penalty, the Scorps have grown into a force to be reckoned with, with their fingers in every pie from drug smuggling to gun running, and back again to murder for hire.

For ten years, the government has been dead. Now, in an underground hideout somewhere in what used to be Pittsburgh, the remnants of the FBI and CIA are determined to bring back order to the tattered nation that is no longer a nation: even if they have to turn the western hemisphere into a dictatorship.

So the Scorpions, now dubbed the Resistance by the struggling New World Order, are about to be under fire. They just don't know it yet.

File: One || Lilith Amaris

Notes: Joined at age fifteen in 2040, the year the War ended. Was brought in by an older friend {See Stefan Geiger, aka Nightmare} and quickly rose through the ranks. Is the sort of informal leader of the Scorpion gang today, along with Mud Devanos. We don't know where the hell -he- came from, but these two are of the utmost importance. She was engaged briefly upon entering the gang, but Jericho {Last name unknown, Scorpion pseudonym, Miracle} was killed during a fight between the Scorps and rival Lion's Den. Her Scorpion name is Shadowcat, and she is always armed, always dangerous.

Amaris is wanted for gun running, drug smuggling, terroristic acts, murder, arson, theft, racketeering, murder for hire, prostitution, and forgery. Also, acts of evasion, as subject resisted arrest, and discharged a firearm at a governmental agent.

Turn to Appendix A for a transcript taken from a bug planted Amaris' psychiatrist's apartment.

File: Two || Alessandra Van Diel

Notes: Alessandra Van Diel is known as Mirror within the gang. A native of Germany, she too was brought in by Stefan Geiger, at the age of sixteen. Tensions between her and other members of the gang have led to some violence, but a modicum of cohesiveness has been acheived.

Van Diel is charged with murder, terroristic acts, arson, theft, gun running, drug smuggling, and prostitution.

For a transcript of a conversation between Van Diel and Stefan Geiger, turn to Appendix B




File: Three || Nastassja Ramsey

Notes: A Russian, Ramsey was introduced to the Scorpions two months ago, by Alessandra Van Diel. Known as Fang to the group, very little is known about her background, save that she is an experienced marksman.

Ramsey is charged with murder, theft, gun running, drug smuggling, and arson.

File: Four || Millicent Solange

Notes: The newest member of the Scorps, Solange has a history of violent activity. Her parents and grandparents come from a long line of IRA terrorists, and she is an expert with demolitions, for her young age of 19. Solange is known as Doll within the gang, and was brought in by Stefan Geiger.

Solange is wanted for acts of terrorism that predate her membership in the Scorpions, including but not limited to arson, murder, and vandalism. She is wanted, more recently, for gun running, drug smuggling, and prostitution.

File: Five || Stefan Geiger


Stefan Geiger is part of the core of the gang, a member since the rise of the Scorpion syndicate. He started the Scorpion movement in Bellona in the aftermath of the war, along with an individual known as the Kidd, a man known only as Tak, and Jericho Reilly, now deceased. Geiger was instrumental in bringing new recruits into the gang, and today controls much of the smuggling ring, along with his current partner, Van Diel.

Known as Nightmare within the gang, Geiger is wanted on charges of terrorism, arson, murder, theft, gun running, and drug smuggling.

File: Six || Malcom Frederick


Notes: Frederick, or Angel as he is known among the Scorpions, was brought into the gang at the age of fifteen, one year ago. He seems mostly harmless, an intellectual, and at the moment is not wanted on any charges, save in connection with the crimes of the rest of the gang.


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