How to Play

First of all, make a character. If you already have an idea of what you want to play, great! If not, check out the Character Creation and Concepts pages. Once you know what you want to play, follow the link from the main page & join If you're having trouble with that, drop me a line & I'll get you set up. You'll receive an introductory email from the list telling you how to register your character with me. Basically you will mail me your character sheet privately & we'll smooth over any rough spots. Then, you can either post an introduction to the list, or to me privately, and we'll go from there. This game works much like those games we use to play when we were little, or drinking, where one person starts a sentence or a story and the next person adds to it. You'll be hopefully creating your own plots within the framework of New Jerusalem, and people who get involved will ensure that your script is constantly being re-written. The primary objectives in a game like this are twofold: Think on your feet, and articulate yourself. If no one understands what you're saying or why, posts are going to go nowhere fast. If you're new to online or freeform roleplaying, you might want to observe for a while, or, if you learn better via example, jump right in. I'll help you if you need it. Although I am in the process of building the framework for Dhalgren Revisited, I am not in actuality writing the story. Every person within the game contributes to the story, so roleplaying and creativity are imperative.

This is as good a place as any to place this warning. This list is not for people under 18 for a reason. Not every scene will, or should, have violence, sex, or drugs, or any combination thereof, but many will, particularly violence and drugs. These things are an integral part of the dark, vicious world that represented Samuel R Delany's view of our future. Explicit posts -will- happen, by myself if by no one else. So be warned. If you are faint of heart, or easily offended, you'd probably be happier on the Pokemon list. I will only make exceptions to the 18+ rule in cases where I know the person involved and feel that the person is capable of handling the situations that will be arising.

Thanks for coming, be sure to email me at