Information About Me

So, you may be asking yourself who created this site and this PBEM. My name is Melissa Suzanne, and I am known alternately as Misty, Mit, Mel, and Suzie-Q. I turned 21 in August of 2000, I'm a senior in college majoring in English literature, a game-geek, a cat-lover, a reader and writer of poetry and fiction, and a terminal idealist. I grew up in Appalachian North Georgia, but I am now living in Savannah, GA, with my fiance and our three cats, Merlin, Fins, and Samhain.

On a more game-related level, I'm the moderator of Dhalgren Revisited, but that shouldn't put you off too much considering first and foremost I'm a writer and not really concerned with rules at all. The only rule in this game is that you have to be able to describe something well enough to make others believe you are capable of doing it. In that respect, words take the place of random dice rolls. Occasionally, I will post "atmosphere" posts to help those who are still soloing, and to provide information about the city and upcoming plots. Other than that, you should only hear from me in the role of the characters I play.

However, as the moderator of this game, there are certain behaviours I won't tolerate from any player. I will not tolerate the out of character harassment of any player. Out of character arguing and flaming should be taken to private mail. If you have a problem with anyone, take it up with them, not with me or the list at large. Of course, this only goes for OOC stuff-- if it's in-character, anything goes, but there are things I will tolerate in fiction that I will never tolerate in real life. Those include, but are not limited to: the discrimination against anyone because of race, religion, sexual preference, gender, writing style, age, or any of a number of other things. Keep an open mind-- you'll be healthier and people will like you more. *grin*

One final thing-- there are three people in here that you should listen to and who have the same authority as me-- Chance, Rose, and Emily will serve as moderators when I am MIA. They have full authority to write "atmosphere" posts and to create NPCs. If that's something you want to do, please let me know & we'll talk about it. Otherwise, that's it for me.